Acqua di parma, the long-time global icon of italian style, is participating in the milan design week with the exhibition “italian excellence in retail.” The venue is the boutique on via Gesù 1.
The exhibition follows the origins of a project by which each of the Acqua di Parma Boutiques is designed like an elegant, intimate, and emotional setting. In Milan, Paris and Rome, a series of installations and sculptures provides a continuous reference to the values, style, and language of Acqua di Parma.

Each Boutique features exclusive custom-designed creations and all house installations that that share the brand’s unique language and world. The exhibition curated by architect Nathalie Ryan of Kirei Studio, who also developed the concept for the Boutiques, reveals the origins of each of these scenic elements.

The sketches, the prototypes and proposals are unveiled in six different narrative sections, one for each scenic element. Each section has an inspiring title: “Crafts”, “Materials”, “Inspirations”, “Furniture design”, “Space and lighting”, “Sensations.” The whole course highlights the craftsmanship at the heart of the Acqua di Parma universe. The purpose of the Boutique project is to design luxurious Italian-style mansions, with furniture, lighting, and fixtures made of precious materials processed according to the finest made-in-Italy approach.
Throughout its course, the exhibition unveils the ability of the language of design to capture and develop the values and cultural references of Acqua di Parma into a consistent scenario, where forms, materials, and details display an all-Italian craftsmanship and a timeless elegance.

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