The second edition of Les Journees Particulieres, held from June 14 to 16, allowed the general public to go “behind the scenes” and explore the treasures of over 40 different Maisons across France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Poland and the United Kingdom. This event was able to shed light and glorify the skilled craft and mastery of over 100,000 talented LVMH Group employees. Acqua di Parma, essence of the Italian style, highlighted its expertise by housing its master craftsmen in the via Gesù Boutique in Milan. Visitors were offered the choice of four workshops dedicated to the crafting of leather, manufacturing of shaving brushes, decoration of bottle caps, and production of boxes. By hosting this incredible event, Acqua di Parma gave customers an opportunity to discover in person the quality, the taste for perfection, the ability to create classics that combine tradition and modernity.

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