Acqua di Parma partners with the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice.

The historical Italian brand joins Intrapresæ, a group of companies dedicated to supporting an internationally renowned art collection. The Peggy Guggenheim Collection is currently the most important modern art museum in Italy, and one of the most prestigious contemporary cultural institutions.
Acqua di Parma, the world-renowned icon of Italian style and craft that originates from an innate sense of beauty, elegance, and harmony, renews its close connection with Italian and international art and culture.
From music to dance, architecture to photography to the protection of the Italian landscape, Acqua di Parma has always supported the best of artistic creativity in all its expressions with publications, partnerships, and events.
Today Acqua di Parma shares all the objectives of Intrapresæ, according to which “Art inspires the Business. The Business gives life to Art.” This vision implies proactive involvement in the life of the Guggenheim Collection, with cooperation with shows and initiatives in a continuous and stimulating interaction between business and culture. Acqua di Parma partners with the Guggenheim Museum to support an invaluable figurative art heritage, hosted within a jewel of 18th-century architecture – Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, overlooking the Grand Canal in the heart of Venice, the most iconic Italian artistic city.
The museum offers a world-wide audience the opportunity to admire the works included in the Guggenheim Collection, ranging from Cubism to Abstractism, from Surrealism to Abstract American Expressionism, alongside the masterpieces of the Gianni Mattioli Collection and the Hannelore B. & Rudolph B. Schulhof Collection, as well as the Kasher sculpture Garden. Lots of high-prestige temporary shows are also organized.
Acqua di Parma is perfectly reflected in this artistic and cultural hub and in the values of its founder. With her outstanding contribution to the development of 20th century arts, Peggy Guggenheim remains an enlightened patroness.
“Our brand has always been a patron of art and culture, being deeply rooted in the invaluable wealth of Italian landscapes, cities, and art,” says Gabriella Scarpa, President, Acqua di Parma. “Acqua di Parma and the Guggenheim Museum are two outstanding entities sharing the same style and values. We are excited about this partnership with one of the most important contemporary art museums, and one of the greatest cultural institutions in Italy, a reference point for the Country and for an international audience.”

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