Acqua di Parma, an icon and symbol of the Italian excellence in the world, celebrates the 52nd edition of the Design Week through the young talent and creativity of the designers of the IED – European Institute of Design, to whom entrusts the reinterpretation of the Blu Mediterraneo universe.
From April 9 and for the whole Design Week in Milan, they will decorate the iconic Art Déco bottle of the Blu Mediterraneo line at the Acqua di Parma Boutique in via Gesù 1 and at La Rinascente. These fragrances are dedicated to sophisticated and cosmopolitan people who love to relive the fascination of the most emblematic and hidden landscapes of an evocative and vital sea known and loved worldwide.
Small masterpieces of taste, sensitivity and imagination. Unique objects to be kept and lived in all their value.

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